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Dextra is well-known for its expertise in PostgreSQL services. Since 1999 developing large projects and consulting, we have a professional team of specialists that are references in PostgreSQL community.  Dextra delivers high quality services for some of the most importants PostgreSQL implementations in Brazil.

Our Services

We deliver to our customers all of our expertise in PostgreSQL though the following services:

Custom Support

Our PostgreSQL support is flexible to meet PostgreSQL user needs and budget. Our clients pay what really matters to them. The plans are differenced by their characteristics:

  • Availability of DBA team (business days, business days extended and 24×7)
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Consulting hours available per year
  • Discount for price of hour for additional consulting
  • Plan of analysis and monitoring tool pgAnalytics (


Consulting is aimed to develop or improve all solutions related to database environment.

Our team of experts work in remote or onsite model.

In both options, we guarantee knowledge transfer working together with your staff and through documentation, enable they to understand and maintain the solution builded.    

PostgreSQL Health Check

This service is aimed to do a check-up of  a PostgreSQL server. Lean on your database experts to get a realistic view and understand about database.

It’s suitable for companies that don’t feel secure about the correct configuration and performance of databases. With pgAnalytics, our team analyze all aspects of your databases. We deliver, as a report, diagnostics and recommendations based on our experience and evidenced with pgAnalytics graphics.


Dex training offer courses with theoric and practical content about PostgreSQL, ministered by our own DBA team. In “Open class” or “In Company” modes, we provide courses to private companies and government agencies in Brazil. More information:

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Along the years working with PostgreSQL database, we improve our toolbox and released pgAnalytics to supply the deficiency for graphical tools to monitor and analyze this RDBMS.

Analysis from our Specialists

Beyond metrics and historical analysis, the differential of this service is in the graphical analysis by our PostgreSQL experts. Through periodic analysis of information collected, reports will be produced  with diagnostics about customer environment, recommended actions that should be executed to ensure the availability, security and database performance.

By the use of pgAnalytics we improved quality of your services, delivering to our customers a web tool that unifies the vision about database environment.

Follow Through Your Database Performance

PgAnalytics allow performance analysis through the history of your database metadata. You can see comprehensive informations in a rich and intuitive graphical interface.

You’ll be able to see the evolution of performance metrics and planning actions to sustain  business growth.

What we do

Architecture and modeling:

Innovative solutions from the beginning of your project. Through knowledge transfer we will help your team to craft powerful solutions using the best of PostgreSQL.


As we do internally in our projects, we provide the knowledge of our DBA team to facilitate the development of applications with PostgreSQL. We can develop specific solutions using PostgreSQL native features or extensions like PostGIS, full text search, json, foreign data wrappers and others.

Migration from another databases

Our experience with RDBMS like Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL favors applications adaptations to PostgreSQL, making the migration less painful and guaranteeing the success of project.


We grew up with cloud, as an Amazon and Google partner we have great opportunities to acquiring know-how using available services. Our database team and cloud computing team together offer to our clients the technical experience required to successfully deploy PostgreSQL solutions in Amazon (EC2 and RDS) and Google Compute Engine.

Planning Budget

With PostgreSQL adoption you are certainly saving costs with licensing, it favours the hardware investment. We help our clients collecting and analyzing database statistics, planning growth and delivering a realistic information to hardware acquisition.


Monitoring is the base of database high availability. We have a toolbox that we use in many environments. Beyond real time monitoring, we offer the service pgAnalytics to analyze the whole PostgreSQL environment and provide preventive administration.


The high availability and high performance cluster is a feature that doesn’t exist in native PostgreSQL yet, but it is possible through Postgres-XL. As a PostgreSQL fork with several changes, the Postgres-XL is open source and currently counts with the investment of several companies around the world that use this solution in large production databases already. Through our innovation lab, our team figure out the challenges in deployment of the resources aimed to transfer knowledge to PostgreSQL community and help our clients to achieve success using new tools and technologies.


Required by high availability environments, read replicas (Master-Slaves) are fundamental in Disaster Recovery strategies. The replication called Multi-Master is a decisive factor to some enterprises because that decentralize and integrate systems. We deployed replication solutions to meet customers needs using native PostgreSQL features (Streaming Replication synchronous and asynchronous) and open source tools (BDR, Slony and Bucardo).

Load Balancing

We deployed load balancing solutions for environments that requires not only replication, but leverage resources of database replicas to attend read-only application workload.

Connection Pooling

The PostgreSQL scalability depends on correct configuration of database connections. The efficiency in using connection pooling to optimize and manage PostgreSQL connections is proved. Most problems in this context are solved with tools like pgbouncer.


To maintain PostgreSQL performance besides application changes, we do periodic tasks like indexes revision, adjusts on autovacuum and autoanalyze process, memory optimizations and others


Get the most appropriate backup policy to your data. We use open source tools to facilitate the configuration process and understanding of the incremental backup solution. Our solutions include automated tests and documentation about restore process.

Version Upgrade

Our team is always up to date regarding new PostgreSQL’s features and security patches. Watch our webinars about PostgreSQL new futures.

Performance tuning

The performance problems come on as soon as the demand and systems complexity increases. We analyze systems in all aspects to identify bottlenecks, we adjust PostgreSQL and operational systems parameters, suggest SQL changes and whatever is needed for customers to achieve better results in terms of overall system performance. With pgAnalytics help we are able to visualize the impact of certain changes in databases and get evidence of improvement.

For You

Dot-com e Startup

Dot-com e Startup

Nowadays PostgreSQL is the top choice for new businesses. Dot-com and Startup in general want a robust database with features that make the development process easy. To make things better, PostgreSQL has no licensing fee.

The scalability (vertical and horizontal) and reliability are fundamental to adapt to business growth in a lean way:

  • Dextra is committed to help your team to have the best PostgreSQL experience during software development
  • Customize your support plan to meet your needs and your budget
Software house

Software house

The government constantly changes software requirements and you have to keep your product up to date, sometimes the development changes require the database maintenance to support the demand

  • We keep the PostgreSQL performance for your product. With pgAnalytics, offered as an add-on to our support plans, you will be able to identify software changes to improve performance even before your clients open a ticket
  • Reduce costs with database maintenance and improve your support team productivity
  • Empower your technical team through our courses. They will be able to use advanced PostgreSQL features and to solve specific problems in database servers.  
Large, medium and small company

Large, medium and small company

Have an amazing experience using PostgreSQL in corporate environments. Dextra provides services to meet your business needs:

  • Training professionals to manage PostgreSQL databases
  • Specialized support and/or consulting to get complex tasks done or to help DBA/sysadmin
  • Support and/or consulting to manage the whole environment, avoiding costs of hiring additional resources


To sustain government systems developed with PostgreSQL databases, Dextra provide 24×7 support and a variety of courses to help technical teams.

For the last years, thousands of people were prepared to use and manage PostgreSQL throughout Brazil. These people sustain large systems like PJe (Electronic Judicial Process), E-Cidade, Alfresco, Sagu and others.

Between our success cases are Paraná Justice Court, among various systems supported by PostgreSQL, are PROJUDI(Digital Judicial Process), PJe ancestor in several courts of Brazil.